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'At present, we have 22 Danone yogurt shops throughout Spain'

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural Engineer

Ricardo Migueláñez. It seems like yogurt shops are very much in fashion in Spain. How have this sector's revenues performed in Spain in recent years?

Ágata Gelaberto.- Yogurt shops are a business on the rise in the Spanish market.

The model was created in the US at the end of the 1970s due to demand for healthy food within the leisure segment. In Spain, there are more than 200 establishments nationwide, so there's still a long way to go.

RM. Danone is clearly committed to this type of business. How many yogurt shops does it currently have in Spain and where are they?

A.G.- At present, we have 22 Danone yogurt shops throughout Spain, in nine cities: 9 in Madrid, 6 in Barcelona province, 3 in Tarragona province, 2 in Mallorca, 1 in Zaragoza, 1 in Valladolid and also 1 in Andorra.

RM. What are your plans for growth in the coming years?

A.G.- With a view to continuing to expand the frozen yogurt business, which was launched in 2009, we are looking to grow the Danone Yogurt Shop business over the next two years with new establishments that would be run by entrepreneurs who join the project. To that end, we're planning to open up to 15 new points-of-sale in 2015 and 2016 in tourist destinations and locations with large crowds. With that in mind, we're looking for franchisees who, in addition to wanting to be a part of the group, are capable of running their own business,who have leadership and managerial skills, and who are diligent in applying the know-how provided to them by Danone.

RM. What types of products do you sell at your shops in Spain?

A.G.- In all of our yogurt shops, the main product at this time is Danone frozen yogurt, served in a cup and combined with any of 21 toppings (fruit, cereal, chocolate, cookies such as Oreo and Chips Ahoy!, chocolate chips, etc.). This frozen yogurt, like the brand's other yogurts, is 100% natural as it's made with fresh milk from the stockbreeders with whom Danone collaborates, in accordance with our quality standards. Moreover, it's low in fat and has a creamy texture, which makes it a healthy alternative at leisure venues.

At the yogurt shops we also sell other products, such as shakes, cones, exclusive coffees with yogurt foam, and all kinds of drinks (water, infusions, soft drinks, smoothies, etc.) as well as our Deli specials (Delichoco, Delifruta...).

RM. What kind of production infrastructure do you have in Spain?

A.G.- Frozen yogurt is made at the points-of-sale.

RM. How is this type of business performing in other countries?

A.G.- In Argentina and Italy, for example, yogurt shop pilot projects are being developed; however, Spain is the country with the most shops.

RM. Many other companies have opened franchises in Spain. Is there room for all of them?

A.G.- It's true, it’s are a growing business in Spain and there's a lot of competition,but Danone is the world leader in fresh dairy products and that's plain to see at its yogurt shops.

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