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26 DE febrero DE 2019

Meat Attraction is now an international fair

Wikispanishfood Editorial Team

Meat Attraction, an event for meat industry professionals, will hold its third edition from September 17th to the 19th and is now officially an “international fair”, as recognized by the Commerce Secretary of State of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, published in the Official State Gazette on December 28, 2018.

For IFEMA and the National Meat Processing Industries Association of Spain (ANICE), which are putting together the event along with the Meat Attraction Organizational Committee, this distinction is extremely important as the event is only in its third edition. Furthermore, this reflects the conference's international focus, which is aimed at strengthening its position in international markets and the desire to act as a tool for reinforcing and accelerating the capacity to open up new markets to exports and, specifically, product categories.

According to Raúl Calleja, the Director of Agri-food Fairs at IFEMA and Meat Attraction, "The categorization as an international event allows us to expand and reposition the focus on the international specialized distribution of the meat industry and provides us with access to new channels for international promotion in strategic markets. We are always focused on helping companies increase their business opportunities around the world."

The good performance of the previous two editions was a determining factor for obtaining the "international fair" categorization. The number of visitors at the second edition, held from September 18th to the 20th in 2018, increased by 30% compared with the first edition, and there were professionals from 43 countries, primarily Italy (15%), Portugal (14%), France (13.8%), Colombia (6.9%), Japan (4.1%) and the Netherlands (4%). One of the aspects that reflects Meat Attraction's international strategy as a global meeting point that seeks to strengthen and expand destination markets for Spanish exports and to continue to position and strengthen the Spanish sector as one of the world's leading suppliers is the diversity and quality of its meat products.

For Almudena de Castro, Sales Manager for Meat Attraction, “The clear focus on international markets, with China as the Guest Importer, B2Meat activities by product category and market, the program of international guests and the promotional commitment to strategic destinations for our exports will support companies and the industry and help position Spanish companies as the best meat suppliers in the world, making Madrid the new international hub for meat product sales."

Meat Attraction also has a series of benefits that impact exhibiting countries, including their inclusion in ICEX Spain Trade and Investment's official international fair calendar and in the promotional plans of Spanish commercial offices abroad. They also have the chance to access aid via regional programs and those organized by chambers of commerce.

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