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Adding value to spanish exports


Oil adds flavor

Did you know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil...

  • Adds flavor to meat while it's on the grill.
  • Adds flavor to fried meat, fish and vegetables by forming a thin, crunchy crust on the surface of food which impedes it from absorbing additional oil and becoming greasy.
  • Keeps pasta from sticking when added in small quantities during cooking.
  • Expands when heated, increasing in volume, with the result that smaller quantities are required for cooking, compared with other oils..
  • Remains structurally unchanged when subjected to temperatures of up to 180ºC; as a result, it can be reused several times while maintaining the same properties as long as it is filtered after frying to eliminate any lingering solid residue.


  • Arbequina

Aragón, Catalonia and Andalusia

It is greenish, very fruity, and slightly sweet, with notes of almond, apple and artichoke. This is a very popular oil among large bottling companies and urban consumers.

  • Cornicabra

Toledo and Ciudad Real

This variety is golden yellow; it has a fresh, pronounced aroma with touches of ripe apple, since olive collection is usually at the end of the harvest. It has a fruity flavor, with body and a slightly bitter finish which persists on the palate. The ripe fruit aftertaste is very pleasant. It is a very balanced oil.

  • Picuda


Originally from the regions of Baena and Priego, in the southeastern portion of Córdoba province, Priego is located in Subbética Natural Park, and the weather is responsible for the excellent, unique organoleptic qualities of oils from this area. Picuda is very harmonious overall. It is green and has a very fine taste and is persistent on the palate, with notes of green almonds and grass. It naturally complements the Picual and Hojiblanca varieties.

  • Hojiblanca


This oil is green, as the olives are collected early in the harvest. It has an intense fresh and fruity flavor with notes of grass and green almonds. It usually has bitter and piquant notes. Leading oils of this variety are known all over the world.

  • Picual


Picual, which has a very distinct personality, is the most largely produced oil worldwide. An early-harvest oil, it is obtained through cold extraction methods and is one of the best olive oils available. It is very complex and balanced, with notes of tomato, mint, green leaves and grass. It is bitter and piquant in the mouth and has a lot of body.

  • Manzanilla Cacereña

Northern Cáceres and southern Salamanca

This oil has balanced piquant, bitter, and sweet notes and strong green fruit flavor. It also has a high oleic acid content.

  • Empeltre

Logroño, Tarragona, Teruel and the Balearic Islands

This variety is very pleasant in the mouth due to its sweet flavor and the absence of spice and bitterness. It has an apple and almond aftertaste. It is an excellent quality oil with an oleic acid content of close to 70%. It is light yellow in color as the olives are collected late in the harvest.

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