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Innovation as a strategy

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Dairy products are an essential component of Calidad Pascual's offer. They currently account for over 50% of revenues and the company remains committed to this segment. Against this backdrop, it has recently carried out large investments to develop its milk and shake brands and to internationalize its business. To continue strengthening its position in the dairy market, Pascual will maintain the strategy it has employed to date, focusing on quality, innovation and communication.

Among market trends, there is growing awareness about the importance of health. Everything which contributes to that goal is viewed as positive. People are more concerned about wellbeing, and products which lack ingredients (gluten-, lactose-, sugar- and fat-free) are considered to be the healthiest. As the older segment of the population continues to grow in Spain, functional products are increasingly important to address specific issues, such as cholesterol and osteoporosis.

A society for which the pace of life is increasingly hectic requires products that provide energy, in the broadest sense of the word. In this regard, certain vitamins and proteins—important nutrients which are increasingly associated with an active lifestyle—play a leading role.

Calidad Pascual's most recent product launch, 0% PRO Leche Pascual aligns with this trend in innovation, as it's the only product of its kind which adds 50% more natural protein to milk and 0% fat.

PRO 0% Leche Pascual meets growing demand by consumers for products with a high protein content. Currently, around 70% of Spaniards are looking to include proteins in their diet, and 22% already consume enriched products or protein supplements.

The proteins found in milk are high quality, i.e. they add notable value to our daily diet and their consumption is very important in all phases of life. They are necessary nutrients which help preserve muscle mass as part of a healthy lifestyle. Work, school, taking care of children and doing the housework or engaging in moderate exercise are some day-to-day activities that can wear us down.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it allows you to break the fast from the night before and start the day out strong, and it's also when the least amount of proteins is consumed. 0% PRO Skim Leche Pascual is perfect for breakfast, and for those people who are more active in their day-to-day activities. A glass of PRO 0% milk contributes 19% of the proteins we need throughout the day.

PRO 0% Leche Pascual is the latest milestone from this company, which led the UHT milk movement in Spain and was the creator of semi-skim and skim milk. However, the dairy sector continues to focus on new products, such as lactose-free Leche Pascual enriched with vitamin B6 and Pascual's white chocolate shake. Pascual has brought to market a range of popular products to control glucose under its DiaBalance brand, the result of a partnership with Esteve, as well as new varieties of Greek-style Pascual yogurts, Creamy and Yogikids.

Pascual also strengthened its position in the hospitality and catering channel by relaunching its “Extra Crème” Pascual Milk, the only specialized milk for this segment, which adds a special texture and flavor to coffee.

Calidad Pascual's partnerships are mainly focused on the development of innovative dairy products, with a firm commitment to alliances with partners that have shared values with a view to helping create greater value. Along these lines, the company is working with Unilever through Flora beverages, and with Idilia Foods in the shake segment.

All of its efforts at innovation have been supported by consumers. Pascual has strengthened its leading position in the skim tetra brik segment with the launch of 0% milk. It has also been a leading producer of traditional milk in the tetra brik segment, since April 2014.

According to the company's CEO-Executive Managing Director, García-Cano, "From experience, we know that successful innovations are those that improve people's quality of life". To that end, Pascual continues to apply its 46 years of experience in developing healthy products with high added value for all kinds of consumers.

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