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14 DE octubre DE 2013

Spain Festival in Nagoya 2013

1) Visitors:anyone who is interested in Spanish wine and food, and would be the business partner (Importers / Restaurants’ owners / one related with beverage section)

2) Entrance fee:No charge for entrance

3) Ticket:The food tickets are available on the spot and beforehand. (3,000yen/500yen ticket×6)   ※The food tickets you did not use in the event, you can use during the period of validity at the Spain Bar in              Nagoya.

4) Wine tasting:Buy a glass for tasting wine. (Glasses cost about 300yen~500yen and you can take it to home after        the event.)

5) Culture of Spain:      

  • Wine & foods:Importers and producers cooperate to taste Spainish wine and foods.  
  • Bar:Owners of Spain bar in Nagoya serve Spanish foods which can be changed by the ticket.  
  • Flamenco dance:You can enjoy Flamenco dance with guitar.  
  • Arts:Display drawing for introducing Spanish modern arts.
  • Tourism: Advertising Spanish tourism using the short movies and pamphlets.
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