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2 DE agosto DE 2016

WIN scores big at CONVINO 2016 editorial team

WIN.0 and dealcoholized WIN, the new generation of alcohol-free wines recently presented by Matarromera Group, obtained two gold and three silver medals at the CONVINO 2016 Awards.

WIN dealcoholized Verdejo and WIN dealcoholized Rosé received gold medals, while WIN 0.0 White, Win 0.0 Red and WIN dealcoholized Tempranillo won silver medals.

Matarromera group launched these two product lines at the beginning of the month, revolutionizing the innovative world of alcohol-free wines, creating healthy products that are low in calories and alcohol content, suitable for just about everybody.

The CONVINO 2016 Competition aims to assess and highlight innovative wine-based beverages. A total of 118 beverages participated in this first edition of the event, reflecting a very diverse selection of drinks, including liqueur wines, vermouth, Mistela, sangria, semi-sparkling wines and low-alcohol wines, which were assessed by a panel of professionals from different segments of the wine industry. These awards aim to raise awareness about wine products that are made using unique processes, the wine culture and responsible consumption.

The alcohol-free and dealcoholized wines are made from grapes from Matarromera Group's best vineyards, from which the company makes various top-flight DO wines. The wines have all of the same positive properties for health as wine with alcohol, since they have polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants. The WIN line of wines are made at the group's molecular deconstruction plant in Valbuena de Duero, Valladolid, by means of a complex production process.

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