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25 DE abril DE 2019

The 10th edition of the World Ham Congress gets underway

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

The World Ham Congress is a biennial event that takes an in-depth look at topics such as ham production, research and sales. Now in its 10th edition, it will be held from September 17th to the 19th at IFEMA, coinciding with the 3rd edition of Meat Attraction, the international meat industry fair.

This event aims to promote the ham culture, in Spain and beyond which, in addition to highlighting the main new technological features, will also highlight the value of ham and its role in society, culture and gastronomy, as well as its importance from an economic standpoint, which is fundamental for the development of many areas of Spain.

The World Ham Congress is the only official event that represents the entire sector in Spain and internationally, and it has been a success since it was first launched in Cordoba back in 2001, where more than 400 professionals and 150 researchers participated—stats which will be even better at the upcoming 10th edition.

The previous edition, in 2017, was held in Toledo, Spain. In 2015 it was held in Toulouse (France), and in 2013 in Ourique (Portugal). Those events strengthened the international nature of this event and increased cooperation between countries which, in a globalized market, is increasingly important.

New website and social media profiles

The new website, is live. This digital platform will provide information about activities associated with the Congress and, in particular, it will strengthen the promotion of the 10th edition.

Social media profiles have been set up in parallel, mainly Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which will share information of interest about the Congress using the hashtag #Xcongresomundialdeljamon.

The roll out of new information channels and, more specifically, those that share information in other countries, will help present ham as a very high-quality product that is safe and has enormous culinary possibilities.

For more information and to register: Tel.: 91 222 80 07 e">

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