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23 DE abril DE 2019

IbéricoLand, the area at Meat Attraction for Ibérico products

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Meat Attraction, the meat sector's international fair, is adding a section called IbéricoLand, a new, specialized area for companies that sell Ibérico products, both processed as well as fresh. The goal is to   raise awareness about Ibérico products in Spain, as they are a fundamental part of our gastronomic offer, and share information about the benefits of Ibérico products from Spain in terms of quality, food safety, traceability, labeling, and authenticity of a thousand-year-old product from Europe that is healthy in terms of its nutritional profile as well as with regard to animal wellbeing, with a special focus on sustainability.

The third edition of this professional event, which will be held from September 17th to the 19th at IFEMA's pavilion 10, will bring together the main professionals from the entire Ibérico pork value chain to promote Ibérico products in Spain and around the world, in all categories: cured and fresh meats, and cold cuts. Ham, shoulder, loin, cold cuts (chorizo, salchichón, lomito, morcón, etc.), sirloin, presa, pluma, secreto, cheek, chuck, abanico, chuletero, bacon... will be some of the stars of Meat Attraction 2019, for both domestic and international distribution, importers and traders, the hospitality industry and specialized sellers.

B2Meat, which are b2b workshops between producers and international buyers, will have a special space for Ibérico products on Tuesday, September 17th. Meat Attraction, as a leading sector and commercial instrument for companies, will help promote and increase visibility for Ibérico product sales while also highlighting the importance and qualities of Ibérico products, strengthening its position as the leading platform for boosting the HoReCa channel's possibilities from a Spanish and international retail position.

The president of ASICI (Interprofessional Ibérico Pig Association), Francisco Javier Morato, says that "The initiative rolled out by IFEMA recognizes the economic and social importance of the Ibérico sector, with sales of around 2 billion euros and strong ties to the rural environment. It's also committed to employment and supporting village economies, helping areas at risk of depopulation. Indubitably, this initiative will increase the sector's sales, competitiveness and growth, generating business opportunities and access to new markets."

IbéricoLand will boost the position, visibility, values and benefits of Ibérico products and will also play a role in the 10th Global Conference on Cured Ham, which will be held in line with the fair. An essential event for ham professionals, in terms of both expertise and networking.

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