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OVISPAIN, Priority Associative Entity

Wikispanishfood editorial team

According to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Environment, Isabel García Tejerina, "This government has focused on improving agri-food sector organization to ensure that it is in the best position to access new markets and to take advantage of its innovative potential".

Along these lines, the Minister noted how the government, since the beginning of its term, has worked to promote a more professionalized cooperative model, capable of generating more value and large enough to produce and sell at global level.

To that end, García Tejerina underlined the importance of the Law for Cooperative Integration, which aims to promote the concentration of suppliers through priority associative entities, covering more than one of Spain's autonomous regions, as is the case with the OVISPAIN, the first entity of this kind.

According to the Minister, OVISPAIN will have access to funding to invest in physical assets, training, advisory services and innovation. The 2014-2020 National Plan for Rural Development has a total of 257 million euros available for cooperative integration measures.

The Minister expects OVISPAIN to be the first of many groups of its kind and to "build a stronger, better structured sector" capable of maximizing the opportunities available in the global market, i.e. of being more cost efficient and of innovating and internationalizing.

To that end, García Tejerina noted that the government has been working for three years to advance in this direction, guaranteeing support and implementing the necessary tools.

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