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Gastraval shakes up Mediterranean cooking with its BBQ Paella Kit

A new product, presented at the most recent edition of the Alimentaria food fair, which has everything you need to make a traditional Valencian paella outdoors, in the countryside or on the beach, in just 21 minutes.

Among this product’s main qualities, Gastraval highlights the ease with which it can be prepared. BBQ Paella Kit comes in a small, easy-to-carry cardboard box. The company also underlines the speed with which the traditional Valencian paella can be prepared—in just 21 minutes—while retaining all of its emblematic Mediterranean flavor and quality (with no preservatives).

Valencian paella is a symbol of Spanish gastronomy and has become one of the most highly-valued, popular and varied products around the world. This rice-based dish absorbs the flavors of all of its ingredients: stock, chicken, vegetables, and two typical regional beans used in paella: garrofón and bajoqueta, similar to lima and green beans, respectively.

Valencian paella is traditionally cooked outdoors and, if possible, with orange firewood, which gives it a special aroma and provides a constant flame that can be revived throughout the cooking process.

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