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Aceites de Oliva de España strengthens its position in Mexico

Gema Boiza. Periodista. @GemaBoiza

Mexico is Aceites de Olive de España's most loyal market in the world. Spanish products overwhelmingly dominate imports, which totalled 14,962 tons in 2013. Of that amount, oils imported from Spain accounted for 82.72%, or 12,377 tons, up 21.31% with respect to 2012.

These are very good results, given Mexico's population, which exceeds 120 million; nevertheless, there's still room for improvement. In view of this, Aceites de Oliva de España has stepped up its promotional campaigns in recent months with actions like the one rolled out just a few days ago on lifestyle TV channel FOX Life.

For the next three weeks during peak viewing times, micro-spots will be aired in which chef Aquiles Chávez will prepare simple recipes using extra virgin olive oils from Spain.The goal is to show that Spanish olive oils can be combined perfectly with the flavors of Mexican cuisine.

This campaign will be similar to a previous one which aired along with La Cocina de Gibaja (Unicable channel), with chef Jesús Gibaja.

Tapas Truck

Additionally, Aceites de Oliva de España has worked with a very special partner in the last few months: the Tapas Truck. The vehicle travelled around Mexico City between December 2013 and March 2014, visiting 23 locations and inviting consumers to sample up to 27 tapas, highlighting the role of extra virgin olive oils in their preparation.

More than 42,000 tapas were served during the four-month period. This initiative was reinforced with small Aceites de Oliva de España stands at department stores inMexico's main cities (Mexico City, Monterrey, Puebla, Guadalajara and Toluca).

Additionally, pop-up dinners were held for foodies, opinion leaders and sector professionals (journalists, food bloggers and chefs). Together with well-known chef Gerardo Vázquez, 18 dinners were organized for 593 people in total. Thirty-six recipes were served in which extra virgin oils from Spain were used to prepare Mexican haute cuisine.

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