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Targeting younger consumers and men

Vivesoy has gone one step further with its plant-based drinks, expanding its product line with two new beverages: Vivesoy Pielvital oat drink and Vivesoy Vidactiva almond milk. These two new launches reflect Vivesoy's continuous efforts to innovate so as to respond to new needs and consumers with a profile that differs from the usual soy drinker, i.e. women over 45. Vivesoy Pielvital is aimed at people over 25, mainly women, while Vivesoy Vidactiva is geared towards men aged 30 to 50.

These two new products offer functional benefits which differ from those of soy and other plant-based beverages on the market. Vivesoy Pielvital is a 100% oat drink which contains biotin, a vitamin which helps protect and maintain healthy skin. Experts recommend two glasses per day as part of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. Vivesoy Vidactiva almond milk is 100% plant-based and contains iron, which helps diminish fatigue.

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