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23 DE octubre DE 2013

Vitalgrana expands its product line

Vitalgrana, specialized in natural, pomegranate-based products, continues to expand in the food sector with the development and launch of delicious food and drink made from Mollar de Elche pomegranates, valued worldwide for their health benefits. The company's products include:

- Fresh Pomegranate Juice: Available seasonally, from late September to early February  

- Vitalgrana Juices: No added sugar, preservatives or dyes; 100% organic pomegranate juice, "Granadrink" pomegranate nectar (50% pomegranate), and Vitalgrana Duofruit juices: a combination of juices from organic pomegranates and other fruits (orange, mandarin, pear, apple, etc.).  

- Vitalgrana Gourmet: Exclusive products which add a special touch to any dish; Pomegranate blossom honey and Pomegranate jam, classic and organic.

Vitalgrana products are made with handpicked pomegranates, in line with tradition. Following a selection of the best fruits, the pomegranates are passed through the press. The innovative industrial system developed and patented by the company processes each part of the pomegranate separately to extract the beneficial elements of every component, combining them in adequate proportions later. The pips and seeds as well as the membrane and peel—all of which give the drink its smooth, unmistakable flavor—are the fruit's main sources of antioxidants.  

Vitalgrana products are available from herbalists, dieticians, pharmacists, food stores, the online shop (, and the company's facilities in Poniente de Catral (Alicante).

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