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July 2013

European promotion of PDOs and PGIs

European Union quality schemes PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) distinguish products registered under their program from the rest of the market and provide protection against false products and imitations that aim to deceive consumers.

The PDO-PGI Spain-France campaign, now in its third and final year, aims to promote consumption, prestige and awareness of foods produced under the PDO and PGI quality schemes, specifically, Navarre Asparagus (PGI), Tudela Artichoke (PGI), and Lodosa Piquillo Pepper (PDO).

This EU initiative includes seven DOs in Spain and France: Navarre Asparagus (PGI), Tudela Artichoke (PGI), Lodosa Piquillo Pepper (PDO), in Spain; and Périgord Strawberry (PGI), Les Landes Sand Asparagus (PGI), l’Adour Kiwi (PGI), and Mont Ventoux Muscat Grape (PDO), in France.

The campaign is sponsored by the Association for the Promotion and Defense of Food Quality and Safety (PRODECASA) and is co-financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment.

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