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Iceberg lettuce continues its reign

Yaiza de la Campa. Journalist

Primaflor, founded 1975 in Pulpí (Almería), was initially in the cut flower business. Later, in the 1980s, the company began growing other types of vegetables. In the 1990s, it strengthened its position as a leader in iceberg lettuce sales in both national and international markets.

It currently operates in the Markets, Mass Distribution and HoReCa sectors, as well as in Fresh products with its prepared sales, which are sold in more than 15 countries. Group revenues totaled 125 million euros in 2012, split evenly between Spain and international markets.

The company grows more than 70 different varieties of fresh product (raw material), with the result that it has one of the largest ranges of lettuce and salad mixes available. Its production volume enables it to provide raw material to processing companies throughout Europe.

5,000 hectares of farmland

The company has its own farmland, spanning almost 5,000 hectares, where it produces 150 million heads of iceberg lettuce per year. The other varieties are used to process around 11 million kilos for prepared salads.

Planting in different areas (seasonality) allows the company to maintain production all year long, and it ensures strict control of products, i.e. traceability, from the seed to the point of sale.

Primaflor is committed to quality and is constantly updating existing certifications and acquiring new ones with a view to adapting to its customers' needs. Quality in production, products, and services for our customers.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Primaflor is also staunchly committed to the environment and is a leader in applying technology to achieve savings and improvements in the use of resources, such as water, of which there is little in its production zone in Almería. It is also focused on continuous improvement in planting and harvesting.

The company is committed to its employees, and favors planting off-season products so as to maintain as many jobs as possible. It is also involved in regional development and social welfare through the sponsorship of events focused on sports and families (e.g. One family, one garden initiative), among many other activities.

R&D and innovation

Innovation is a mainstay for the company, which is constantly seeking new avenues for product sales to meet customers' demands. The company's distinguishing features also include its fresh product (3 hectares of field trials), with more than 200 trials per month to define new varieties, and its search for more novel salad combinations and for synergies with other leading companies for its sauces, guacamole, garlic gel and gazpacho.  

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