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Market perception of fresh and processed pork

Ricardo Migueláñez. Agricultural Engineer

This report will enable INTERPORC to identify the information needs of citizens and convey to them the best way to enjoy pork as a tasty, healthy product.

The results of the study reveal that healthcare professionals have a more favorable perception of pork than the rest of society in terms of its effects on the body, and they recognize the role they have played in contributing to pork's negative image. Consumers erroneously view pork as a less healthy option, although they do recognize its good value-for-money and distinctive flavor. According to the study, part of society has a negative image of pork which is inaccurate; even healthcare professionals consider such a view as incorrect.

Another conclusion from the study is that there is a need to provide consumers with greater information to end false and confusing perceptions, since "beliefs, assumptions and opinions are having a negative impact" on pork consumption.

At the recent presentation of the study at the SEPOR fair, INTERPORC's director highlighted the product as a tasty and healthy option, noting that, "A lean cut, like loin, has just 2% fat, the same as a chicken drumstick". According to the World Health Organization, pork is considered white meat.

It's worth noting that the advantages of eating pork, and its strong points, are not especially clear for the general pork-consuming public, compared with beef, chicken and turkey.

Medical professionals have information to add to opinions expressed by consumers. The medical/nutritionist segment highlights the following:

- Certain parts of the pig (lean cuts, ham, etc.) are fully compatible with a balanced diet, and no cuts of pork are "bad" provided that they are cooked in a healthy way.

It's important to convey and explain in depth the virtues and advantages of fresh and processed pork:

- Wide range of pieces/parts of the animal, which allows for:

A variety of different dishes.

  • The possibility of using a range of preparation methods.
  • Its ability to play different roles within a meal.
  • The possibility of being consumed on its own or being combined with other foods.
  • The ability The ability to meet the demands of different family members.

- Underline the ability to enjoy a delicious pork dish that is quick and easy to prepare.

  • For people who don't have a lot of time to cook.
  • Without conveying the idea of "fast food". It is quick to prepare, but also healthy.

- A well-priced option that meets requirements in terms of health and quality.

It's also important to offset the negative image associated with pork, and focus on:

- Pork as a source of energy and nutrients, provided by the primary cuts or parts of the pig, which are not very widely known today.

- The benefits of a balanced, varied diet, which requires the inclusion of pork.

- Understand that eating too much pork is not recommended, as is true of eating too much of any product.

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