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Certified Picota cherry production declines

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

The PDO Jerte Cherry Regulatory Council has started certifying the four varieties of Picota cherries: Pico Limón Negro, Pico Negro, Pico Colorado and Ambrunés, the latter being the most popular, as it ripens for the greatest amount of time in the sun on the tree and, therefore, is the sweetest.

According to Ignacio Montero, Chairman of the Regulatory Council, "Product quality is high even though this year's harvest is slightly smaller than last year's, with an expected total of 7.5 million kilos of certified Picota cherries. We expect the favorable weather to allow us to complete cherry picking at the end of July."

In the Jerte Valley, cherries are harvested in a way that is natural, traditional and without additives, with the result that cherries and Picota cherries have a unique flavor and a very high vitamin, trace element and flavonoid content. Following a careful selection at the foot of the tree, and in line with rigorous quality control, only the best cherries receive the Designation of Origin Jerte Cherry seal.

Jerte Picota cherries are an exclusive product which stand out for their flavor and degree of sweetness. They have several characteristics which set them apart from other cherries. For example, they are the only ones to be released by the tree with no stems.  They also stand our for their fleshy and crunchy texture, larger size (measuring between 22 and 26 millimeters), sweeter flavor and color. The fact that they are grown naturally and harvested and treated in a traditional way increase their properties and allow them to reach the market when they are perfectly ripe.

Demand for this product is on the rise in Spain and internationally, especially in Germany and the UK. In fact, 70% of Jerte Valley Picota cherry production is exported.

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