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BienStar's low-fat mortadella

ElPozo Alimentación focuses on R&D and innovation to boost the nutritional value of its products. The company has expanded its BienStar range with Low-Fat Mortadella, a healthy alternative for the whole family.

Currently, 54% of adults and 28% of children are overweight; 80% of Spaniards eat almost twice the daily recommended amount of salt; 70% of people over 45 have high cholesterol; and 40% of those over 35 have high blood pressure. There’s also a growing trend in food intolerance: 30-35% of the Spanish population is lactose intolerant and 1% have Celiac disease.

In this context, consumers are demanding healthier products. The BienStar Index, a survey by ElPozo Alimentación on Spaniards’ perception of well-being and life habits, revealed that 96% of consumers believe it’s important to be health conscious, reducing fat intake. Another study found that 78% of the population believes that children should eat healthier cold cuts.

BienStar’s new Low-Fat Mortadella

ElPozo Alimentación has launched its new BienStar Low-Fat Mortadella as part of its commitment to contributing to better health through products which favor a balanced diet. This mortadella has an improved nutritional profile, similar to that of cooked ham, while retaining all of its traditional flavor; as a result, it is the perfect option for kids and for the whole family.

A nutritional study conducted by the University of Navarra revealed that consuming BienStar Low-Fat Mortadella as part of a balanced diet during ten weeks is compatible with a diet which favors weight control.

This product comes in innovative resealable packaging which ensures that it stays as fresh as they day it was opened. The unique click closure system has six side tabs which allow consumers to effectively reseal the package so that the mortadella maintains all of its properties.

ElPozo Alimentación is a pioneer in healthy meat products and has traditional as well as special lines for consumers who watch what they eat. ElPozo BienStar is the health-conscious meat brand with the most comprehensive selection of products with an optimized nutritional profile.


• LOW IN CALORIES due to the reduced fat content

• LOW IN FAT, with 89% LESS FAT than traditional mortadella




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