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8 DE agosto DE 2018

"We are focused on reaching the maximum levels of quality and efficiency"

Wiki Spanish Food editorial team

Editorial team: After almost five decades, Calidad Pascual has relaunched its brand. What values do you still maintain since inception, and where do you stand now?

Tomás Pascual.- The main "value" is that if you are consistent, you will endure over time. This is the main guarantee in building a future. Our company advanced by preserving our identity. My father paved the way with quality as the primary focus, and today we maintain that same spirit. Excellence is our defining factor through which we promote our unique values. Our pillars remain the same: integrity, quality, innovation, proximity and passion.

We are approaching 50 years in the business, and it's a good time to underline our commitment to every part of the dairy chain. Particularly, we want to highlight the first part of the chain: farmers, who believe in their job and in their production methods. We know that their hard work and quality standards resonate throughout the value chain. Leche Pascual's new positioning, "Dar lo mejor" (Give the very best), reflects this commitment to quality from the source—from our cows—with a new design and improvements in packaging, the result of actively listening to our consumers.

We have always conducted ourselves with a common denominator: quality, as a global concept. In this context, we are relaunching our flagship brand, Pascual, focusing on the company's defining qualities—excellence and innovation—to offer the best quality to the market.

E.T.- What are the distinguishing features of Pascual products?

T.P.- In our portfolio, we offer consumers products that respond to different nutritional needs, with quality and excellence as distinguishing features. Calidad Pascual has been refining all of the processes in its value chain for almost 50 years, from looking after its cows to sustainability on the farm and in the environment, aspects which set us apart and boost our position in the market.

Our objective is to connect our brand with people, creating proximity, always listening to the consumer and strengthening innovation and the capacity to make quality products. We strive to make consumers fall in love with a unique and distinct offering that meets real needs which are visible and accessible at all times, everywhere.

Moreover, the long-term vision, our commitment to community and a higher rate at which we reinvest our profits, are some of the factors that set us apart and which have given us an important role in social cohesion, in our commitment to quality and to the creation of wellbeing, wealth and healthy life habits.

E.T.- One of Calidad Pascual's main values is loyalty to its farmers. What do you do to achieve this?

T.P.- Historically, Pascual has always had a different type of relationship with our farmers, which has ensured stability in milk supply and a competitive advantage. We tend to work with our farmers for more than 15 years on average, an example of their loyalty and a sign of the professionalism and proximity of Pascual's agricultural team. The annual activity drop out rate in Spain is 6%, whereas that rate is just 3% when it comes to Calidad Pascual's suppliers.

We have been working for many years with farmers in our Food Safety Program, where we perform the largest number of inspections, in accordance with Spanish and EU legislation, as well as oversight and verification, monitoring a larger number of parameters, etc. Along these lines, as part of efforts to distinguish ourselves, we implement various oversight and quality programs, providing our farmers with veterinarians. That way we ensure that all of our animals are healthy, using oversight protocols and working to prevent disease through veterinary supervision.

In short, the relationship with our suppliers aims to accompany and help them throughout the process, in terms of both efficiency and in caring for their animals.  

E.T.- What are the implications of all of your farms being certified under the Welfare Quality® European scheme?

T.P.- This certification confirms that all of the farms that supply milk to Pascual meet AENOR's requirements on Animal Welfare, developed along with the Institute of Agrifood Research and Technology (IRTA) and based on the European Welfare Quality® certification, the standard used to conduct evaluations on the farm. In short, this pioneering model in Europe has different parameters that revolve around four main groups: good feeding, good housing, good health and appropriate behavior. This reflects the company's commitment to caring for animals as a basic pillar of the value chain.

At Calidad Pascual, we have obtained AENOR Animal Welfare certification on all of the farms that provide milk, which makes us the first large manufacturer to have all of its farms certified (348 in total). As a result, at present all of the dairy products produced at our factories (milk, yogurt, shakes, juice, butter, etc.) support animal welfare 100%.

E.T.- Consumers are increasingly responsible when shopping. How do you think they will view all of the efforts Calidad Pascual is making in terms of its production process?

T.P.- Our production processes seek to align with the highest quality and efficiency standards, which people note in the final product. Our processes are aligned with the main international regulations and all standards in terms of quality and food safety. Moreover, 100% of milk supplied is certified to animal welfare standards and 100% of farmers are audited and verified in food safety programs.

In view of the Sustainable Development Goals, our challenge is to ensure the sustainability of food production systems and to apply resilient agricultural practices which increase productivity and production; help maintain ecosystems; strengthen the capacity to adapt to climate change and extreme weather such as drought, floods and other natural disasters; and improve the quality of the soil and the living conditions of the animals who give us their most prized possession: milk.

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