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Adding value to spanish exports


'We always strive to support our producers and brands'

Ricardo Miguelánez. Agricultural Engineer @rmiguelanez

Ricardo Migueláñez.- Some regional collective marks have seen their promotional activity come to a halt in recent years, due to the economic situation. What is Reyno Gourmet doing to remain so active?

Iñaki Goñi.- That's absolutely right, the economic situation hasn't been easy and all companies and institutions have been affected in some way. At Reyno Gourmet, we've learned to adapt quickly to new conditions, to analyze our previous objectives and the tools we had to attain them and, of course, to innovate and seek out new media, new ways to communicate, new ideas that would allow us to continue to reach our target audience: the consumers. The financial crisis changed the rules of the game for us and showed us that promotions, as we understood them at that time, had changed dramatically. Now there's a shift towards more efficiency, more immediate returns, and even more honesty. During the last few years we have committed to increasing our presence where our consumers are, i.e. in supermarkets, shops, malls... and that's where we've organized our promotions, directly at points-of-sale. As for communications, we got heavily involved in social media from the get-go, and we've created a large community with which we interact and attend to on a daily basis. We have replaced traditional advertising with content creation that supports various sporting causes which are important to our consumers.

R.M.- Which products comprise Reyno Gourmet at the moment? Why do they stand out in particular?

I.G.-Reyno Gourmet is a trademark that includes all existing quality certifications in Navarre and which, over time, has included new certifications as well. It's a trademark that places products under the same image and provides brand awareness, which makes them more recognizable in the market and drives sales. There are currently almost 2,000 products which bear our trademark as a guarantee of their quality, distinction and provenance, a symbol of their common denominator. And all of those products are 100% certified. Oversight and certification are carried out by INTIA, with continuous monitoring of companies throughout the entire process, from the farm or plot to the processing plant through to the preparation of products until they are made available for sale. INTIA, which is the certifying body, is accredited by ENAC in almost all of the corresponding areas.

R.M.- What projects is Reyno Gourmet involved in at present?

I.G.-Right now we're involved in organizing the trade fairs that we will attend next year, such as Madrid Fusión, Prowein, Salón del Gourmet and Alimentaria. We have two promotional campaigns underway at points-of-sale:  one in Madrid, in which a total of 25 establishments belonging to the Hipercor, Carrefour and Sánchez Romero chains will offer their customers free samples of various Reyno Gourmet products and DO Navarre wines as well as prizes for buying those products during the 7-week promotion, and one in the Basque Country and Navarre, which will also run until Christmas and has been rolled out at BM supermarkets in the Basque Country and Navarre; Solbes Gourmet shops in Hondarribia, Irún and San Sebastián; the E. Leclerc hypermarket in Pamplona; El Corte Inglés in Pamplona; and Hipercor in Huarte. We also have a communication campaign for the holiday season that will be featured in the press and on the radio, TV, bus shelters, etc.

R.M.- Short distribution channels are currently an interesting alternative for certain food products. What is the status of Reyno Gourmet products in Navarre?

I.G.-That's true. A few years ago, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and the Environment conducted a study on short marketing channels for agri-food products which underlined their notable potential and their status as an emerging sector in the food economy. At Reyno Gourmet, we try to support our producers and our brands in the areas where they are active.  And this clearly includes those channels. Some time ago we included on our website all of our products' online sales platforms and all of the producers with online sales channels. A few weeks ago we went to the Madrid region's farmers market and we tried to help promote those producers that offer direct sales with home delivery, etc.

R.M.- But in addition to promotional efforts in Spain, Reyno Gourmet also offers support for international promotions. How do you address those markets and help your producers?

I.G.-Given our companies' innate idiosyncrasies, they need more national than international support, but if any of them want to explore or enhance their internationalization, we provide them with help as well. For example, this year we participated in an Agrival project, with co-funding from FEDER, which included the organization of exchanges between Spanish and French producers, among other activities. We also participated in the Prowein fair, held in Düsseldorf in March.

R.M.- What does Reyno Gourmet have planned this year in terms of the holidays?

I.G.-Our big news is that we have rolled out an ambitious internal communication project with the companies that use our trademark as we believe that improving internal communication will enable companies to improve their knowledge about, and perception of, Reyno Gourmet and, at the same time, will have an impact and yield interesting data and suggestions. To that end, we have created an area on our website where we post relevant information for our companies, which also receive a fortnightly newsletter. Moreover, we have sent them all a Welcome Pack with general information about the 93 companies which currently comprise the trademark, we publish a quarterly newspaper covering our progress during that period, we send them an annual report, and we are organizing a meeting between all of them in January.

At the same time, we will have a promotional and communication campaign for Christmas using all possible channels, both online and offline.

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