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Company dinners, to go

Alaia Arriortua

The final weeks in December is prime time for organizing Christmas lunches and dinners. This year, however, something has changed. We don't want the same old experience of eating out with the whole team and keeping interaction to a minimum, talking as little as possible with the colleague on our right and across the table. We're no longer interested in formal events; we want to have fun with the rest of the team, get to know our boss in a relaxed environment, and have a drink with someone from the office who we don't know all that well.

These are the conclusions from the most recent survey carried out by La Nevera Roja, a Spanish restaurant delivery platform, which was conducted to get a closer look at Spaniards' habits and preferences vis-à-vis finger foods at the office and company dinners. The survey revealed that 71% of Spaniards would prefer it if their bosses ordered in and celebrated the holidays at the office. In fact, 25% of those surveyed have already celebrated by ordering take out, proving that the rules of the workplace have changed and typical roles have been relegated to the sideline with a view to ringing in the new year.

According to the survey, 40% prefer informal get-togethers over long lunches and dinners, and 23% believe that whichever option is free is the best option. At Wiki Spanish Food, we prepared a short list of online catering possibilities to ensure that Christmas dinner is the event of the year.

Laurel Natural

This family-owned catering company, created in 2000, aims to provide reasonably priced healthy and delicious homemade meals, prepared using top-flight ingredients.  This Christmas it's offering a special menu where customers can choose from seven appetizers, six fish dishes, ten meat dishes and five poultry options.

Mesa de Temporada Catering

This company comprises four partners who, in 2007, decided to unite their corporate and business expertise and apply it to the catering sector. It works with a wide range of companies: multinationals, IBEX-35 companies, law and consulting firms, SMEs, etc. It has worked  Loewe, BBVA, ING, Canon, Citibank, Ferrovial, KPMG, AIG... It offers three types of menus for Christmas parties: Christmas Platters, which include 10 varieties and 15 pieces per person and is perfect for an informal event with finger foods; the Christmas Party with Cava, which includes waitstaff at the office and 10 varieties which are always a hit (15 pieces per person); and the Christmas Cocktail Special, the most comprehensive offer, which includes 14 varieties (2 pieces per person) and two desserts.


This company has been preparing lunch and dinner menus for companies and individuals for more than a decade. Its small puff pastries with lemon and toasted meringue are always in demand, but it's most famous for its cream soups. It also has other star products such as beef sliders with boletus and fried onion, seasonal cream soup with Ibérico ham and pine nuts, foie millefeuille with apple confit, and chistorra sausages cooked in cider. For companies, it offers  Cold Cocktail and Hot Cocktail menus, as well as a Buffet, with four dishes and dessert.

Pando Restaurantes

Pando, which is in Seville, has a wide range of Christmas menus available, as well as a full-on home catering service, i.e. in addition to offering a personalized menu, it also provides the furniture, cutlery, etc. It adapts to each company's needs and can prepare a thematic menu with Andalusian or even Asian food. It offers three options for the Christmas holiday: the most economical, which is 35 euros, includes hors d'oeuvres, one dish to be chosen, desserts, coffee and wine; the second option, for 39 euros, which includes a second dish; and the third menu, for 45 euros, which has more elaborate dishes.

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