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21 DE marzo DE 2018

"Meat Attraction made it obvious that the Spanish meat industry wanted its own fair"

Manel González. Journalist

Following the great success of the first Meat Attraction fair, the organizational committee is back at work, preparing the second edition. With notable changes, such as holding the fair earlier (from September 18th to the 20th), the Spanish meat industry fair will, once again, highlight "the innovativeness of a very powerful and dynamic sector," according to its director, Carlos González García de la Barga.

Question.- As we saw with the first edition of Meat Attraction, the meat sector has a lot to showcase. Are you pleased with the data from the first fair?

Answer.- We really wanted to organize a fair. It's surprising that the country's fourth-largest sector, which has a notable sales volume, would lack its own fair in Spain. Between IFEMA and the trade association ANICE—which has been a wonderful source of support—we saw the need to organize a fair and we decided to create this very necessary business platform. The data registered in this first edition of the fair confirmed that we were right, and the sector was very eager to have its own event. It was confirmed by 242 exhibitors and attending companies, from 16 countries, and more than 9,000 participating trade professionals.

Along these lines, we are pleased with our efforts, which were positive, although we are looking to the future with a view to improving even further with the hopes of providing companies and professionals with the best possible scenario to leverage their sales contacts.

Q.- What objectives would you like to achieve at the second edition of the fair?

A.- If you're referring to commercial objectives, we hope to surpass those attained in the first edition of Meat Attraction. For us, as a trade fair institution, we look beyond participation numbers and we hope to create an event which is a valuable commercial tool that helps the sector grow and internationalize.

Q.- Can you tell us about any of this year's new features?

A.- We're working on organizing an intense line-up of interesting, professional meetings, and we will offer some information in this regard in the coming months.

As for the exhibition, the participating companies are the true stars. I'm certain that this upcoming edition will show, once again, the innovative side of such a powerful, dynamic industry.

Q.- This year's edition of Meat Attraction will be held in September, from Tuesday to Thursday. Why the change?

A.- After each fair, we survey attendees. We saw that people wanted it to be held in a way that was more in line with the sector's interests and, naturally, we are adapting to meet their needs. As for holding it from Tuesday to Thursday instead of Wednesday to Friday, like last year, attendees at the 2017 event suggested that Friday afternoons are not especially productive.

Q.- I imagine that the second edition of Meat Attraction will allow the industry to show that it's doing everything right, in contrast to the opinions of some.

A.- What I've realized from working with the meat industry is that it's a very powerful, entrepreneurial, innovative sector with notable capacity and scope for international growth. In short, it knows how to do things right. Of course, there is always room for improvement, but we prefer to be optimistic about the future. Indubitably, Meat Attraction 2018 will allow such an important component of Spain's economy to shine. At the event, we will provide all of the necessary tools to create the perfect commercial environment to achieve this goal.

Q.- What would you tell companies that participated in the first edition to convince them to come back this year? And how would you convince those who didn't take part last year?

A.- I would encourage them not to miss this event since they will be able to achieve notable sales objectives with a very reasonable investment. It's not just about taking advantage of the exhibition space to raise awareness about their products, make sales contacts and increase loyalty with customers: Meat Attraction provides a wide variety of resources, including communication via various channels, which help companies maximize the visibility of their brand and achieve high returns. Those that participated in last year's event know about the advantages of taking part in the fair. As for those companies that are still thinking about it, I would tell them not to squander the chance to be part of a large commercial platform, the only one of its kind strictly for the meat sector on the Iberian Peninsula.

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