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A late high-quality harvest

The Bodegas Torres harvest for 2013, which finished in early November, was one of the latest and yielded some of the best quality grapes of recent years. After 69 days, from 29 August to 5 November (when the harvest was completed at the vineyards in Porrera), collection exceeded last year's figures by 18% and the grapes were in very good condition.

Grape maturity was delayed this year due to considerable rainfall in the months prior to the harvest. The weather stabilized and temperatures rose in September, providing for an optimal harvest, which was also attributable to notable efforts and a constant focus on ensuring excellence and adequate maturation of the fruit.


In Catalonia, the white wines will be intense, fine, with good acidity, while reds will be fruity and balanced, with vigor. The whites in 2013 from the Penedès area will be fresh, acidulous and very alive, and varietal reds will be balanced and long on the palate. Reds from the vineyards in Conca de Barberà are expected to be concentrated and fresh.

Syrah grapes were the first to be harvested in Priorat. This allowed for a longer than usual vegetative cycle and better maturation of Garnacha grapes in El Lloar. The wines obtained will have high extractions of color, good concentration and mature tannins.

Other DOs

In Ribera del Duero and Rueda, the 2013 harvest was affected by intense rains throughout the year, which led to a considerable delay in vineyard development, by up to 15 days. Wines from Ribera del Duero will be fruity and very intense in color.

There was also a noticeable delay in maturation of grapes in La Rioja, by around 3 weeks compared with recent years. Broadly speaking, these wines will have a medium concentration and an adequate structure, and be very fruity aromatically speaking and fresh on the palate.

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