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Adding value to spanish exports


Aceites de Oliva de España, at Anuga

Aceites de Oliva de España has set out to conquer the German market with our extra virgin oils as the driving force and our high-end gastronomy as a vehicle for conveying our message to consumers.

The campaign kicked off at one of the culinary events of the year: the final phase of the international Koch des Jahres (Chef of the Year) competition, held as part of the 32nd edition of the Anuga food fair.

Thomas Bühner, the three Michelin-star chef behind La Vie restaurant in Osnabrück, made his first appearance as brand ambassador in Germany at the competition of which he was one of the judges, and Aceites de Oliva de España the primary sponsor.

On Monday, eight chefs from Germany and Austria prepared four dishes, one of which was a tapa created with extra virgin oils from Spain—the main novelty of this year's edition. Aceites de Oliva de España presented a special award for the best tapa, which went to a young chef named Fabio Winkelhofer, who won a two-week internship with prestigious Spanish chef Jordi Cruz at his restaurant ABaC in Barcelona. The winning tapa comprised two dishes: "Liquid bread salad" and "Bread salad with sardine, extra virgin olive oil gelee and Manchego". The winner of the competition, Christian Sturm-Willms, took home the 12,000 euro prize.

The Koch des Jahres competition served as a backdrop for Thomas Bühner's first two actions as ambassador of Aceites de Oliva de España. The first was on Sunday, when the chef participated in a live cooking show, sharing with the public his experience with our extra virgin olive oils, which play a fundamental role in his recipes. "The most important aspect of cooking is not so much preparing the dish, but knowing how to use all of the facets of flavor. Aceites de Oliva de España help in our creative process, since they highlight foods' natural flavor". A selection of Bühner's dishes were served to a thousand people at a dinner event as part of the competition's closing activities.

First action in Germany

The promotional event at Anuga, supported by the Interprofesional del Aceite de Oliva Español under the Aceites de Oliva de España brand, is the organization's first in Germany, a market with significant potential for consumption. Germany already ranks sixth in terms of olive oil consumption in Europe, with 60,000 tons per year, most of it imported from Italy. This is a major challenge for the sector. According to Rafael Pico, promotional spokesperson for the organization, "Spain, a global leader in quality and production, must improve its position in the German market. That's the objective of this ambitious campaign. To that end, we must create a strong brand image among German consumers, linked to top quality and cutting-edge cuisine".  

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