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International Wine Summit

The 1st International Wine Summit, to be held in Castilla-La Mancha from October 24th-26th, aims to focus global attention on its wine industry and to highlight the extraordinary possibilities and top-flight characteristics of wines from the region, the largest wine-producing area in the world.

The summit slogan, "We aim to be not only the largest, but also the greatest vineyard in the world", was underlined by the President of the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha, an area with 90,000 vineyards.

"The wine industry is one of the region's greatest cultural heritages, due to its economic and social importance", said the President. To this end, she underscored the importance of agriculture as the region's economic cornerstone and accentuated the weight of the agri-food and livestock industry in the economy.

Castilla-La Mancha, a first-rate producer

Castilla-La Mancha is today a fully competitive region, as it is a leader in terms of varieties, growing methods, wine technology, quality, and value for money.

According to the regional president, the primary objectives of this international summit are to convert Castilla-La Mancha into an international wine forum; improve sales of regional wines at home and abroad; involve industry experts to discuss science, health and wine; launch new promotional, sales and marketing campaigns which highlight quality, giving prominence to the wines' value for money; and raise awareness among citizens, and businesses in particular, about the regional government's commitment to improving the wines' positioning at global level.

Main events at the summit

The summit comprises four main events: The International Wine Conference, the International "Tempranillos al Mundo" Competition, Castilla-La Mancha Wine Night, and Wineries Open House.

The International Wine Conference will provide the opportunity for world-renowned producers and experts to discuss the first-rate quality of Castilla-La Mancha wines and further raise their profile on a global scale. Of special note is an event that will be held on October 24th, which will bring together Castilla-La Mancha business owners and ambassadors from the countries to which we export.

The traveling "Tempranillos al Mundo 2013" competition has returned to Spain, to Castilla-La Mancha, after stopping in Stockholm and New York. It will be held in Toledo from October 23rd-25th, as part of the Summit. The National Garnacha and Bobal Contest, which aims to raise awareness about the two varieties, will be held simultaneously.

Wine Night, to be held on Friday, October 25th, seeks to involve the public in special events, which are both fun and cultural, to promote Castilla-La Mancha wines and raise awareness about leading regional wineries.  

Another way of involving the public is to offer the possibility of learning more about winemaking and bodegas in the area. To this end, on the morning of Saturday, October 26th, Castilla-La Mancha wineries will offer an Open House.

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